Wheel Alignment in Durand, WI

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Wheel Alignment 101

Wheel alignment problems aren’t always easy to spot, yet they can create a cascade of reactions that will force you to sink time and money into fixing the problem. Wheel alignment issues can cause rapid, uneven wear and tear on tires that, if left long enough, will force you to replace them. Does your car feel as if it’s pulling to one side when you’re trying to drive straight? That is one of the first major signs that a wheel alignment is necessary. Is your steering wheel crooked whenever you attempt to drive straight? That is a visible sign you can keep track of to stay on top of your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Simply put, a wheel alignment guarantees that all of your car’s tires meet the road at the right angle while also pointing in the same direction. This increases your safety on the road. However, wheel alignments also take into account performance and fuel efficiency. If your tires aren’t straight on the road, or your vehicle has to put more work into staying straight on the road, that impacts performance. Which, ultimately, drags down your vehicle’s gas efficiency.

Help! My Car Is Tugging!

If you are already experiencing symptoms of a wheel alignment issue in your car, have no fear. Wheel alignments are one of the most common repairs performed in auto shops nationwide. That is why we stay on top of ensuring our diagnostic machinery is upgraded to its fullest extent. This enables us to calibrate your wheel alignment down to the wire. Our state-of-the-art alignment machinery enables us to course-correct your tires more accurately than any other machinery in the industry can. Therefore, it enables you to drive longer and helps your vehicle to withstand more before it has to be done again. Why? Because wheel alignment is that important. Misaligned wheels jeopardize your safety, security, comfort, and gas efficiency. We work regular wheel alignments into our tailored maintenance plans yearly. Having your car aligned once a year ensures impeccable handling as well as impeccable safety standards. That is why our ASE-certified technicians properly adjust your vehicle’s alignment in three places: at the toe, camber, and caster.

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If your steering wheel is noisy or vibrating for any reason if your tires themselves are squealing, or if your car is tugging you in a direction you don’t wish to go, it’s time to contact the professionals at Adam’s Super Service in Durand, WI. Wheel alignments are no joke. There’s a reason why it’s encouraged to get one every year during one of your routine preventative maintenance appointments. Those appointments are the only way to stay on top of wheel alignment issues before they arise, so make sure you stay on our schedule. Give us a call anytime at (715) 672-8477 or stop by and see us at 119 W Madison Street Durand, WI 54736. We welcome walk-ins, questions, curiosities, and everything in between. With us, you have absolutely nothing to lose.