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Suspension repair and servicing is an exact science. It requires many parts to play at once while also being in primed condition. The system comprises several components, including joints, bearings, shocks, springs, a sway bar, and a host of other parts. This system works together to provide optimal performance when driving. Your car’s cabin sits directly on top of this system, and its main function is to protect you from the constant swaying, dipping, and bouncing of your car as you drive down the road. This system, made up of several small and large components, helps to absorb much of that impact so that you don’t feel it while driving. This system also enables your tires to fully grip the road at any given time. This is why our tailored maintenance plans come with routine checkups to both your vehicle’s wheel alignment as well as its suspension system: because the two work hand-in-hand with one another.

Symptoms of Suspension Misalignment

Every part of your suspension system has a singular purpose. Springs help control the cabin load, while shocks absorb energy from the terrain to help dissipate it before it gets up to the cabin where you are. The anti-sway bar aids in controlling the direction of your car. At the same time, it’s in motion, and all of the joints allow sliding motions between certain parts of the system to move in tandem with one another. Whether your vehicle has an independent suspension (where your back and front wheels move independently) or a dependent suspension (where your wheel direction is bound to your car’s axle movement), we are equipped to help. All of this kinetic energy that your car picks up while moving has to go somewhere; otherwise, you’re in for a bumpy, stomach-jerking ride. Your suspension system is calibrated to withstand and transfer the movement that comes with sizable dumps at sizable speeds. But that also means your suspension system is more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

If your vehicle feels like it takes a nosedive whenever you brake, that is the biggest symptom that something is wrong. It’s not the only symptom, however. Those are two major red flags if your vehicle is pulling to one side or drifting around corners when you don’t wish to be. If you are experiencing continuous bouncing of your vehicle after hitting a bump or a pothole or if your ride is getting rougher, it’s time to come see the suspension system experts.

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